The General Assembly


The General Assembly consists of the Rectors/Presidents/Vice-Chancellors of each university and two students appointed by the Circle U. Student Union (CUSU) as voting members. The General Assembly is chaired by the President of Circle U. Honorary/associate members may attend the General Assembly by invitation but do not have the right to vote. The Secretary General is invited to the General Assembly as a non-voting member.

Role and responsibilities

The General Assembly is the strategic decision-making body of Circle U. It has the following prerogatives: determination of the strategic direction of the alliance, financial management, and administrative management notably the admission/exclusion of members.

Procedures and meetings

The General Assembly acts as a collegial body and will always seek consensus among its members.  It meets at least twice a year or at any time upon written request of the Management Board or of at least one third of the Members of the General Assembly.  The President will chair all meetings of the General Assembly, unless decided otherwise in a meeting of the General Assembly. The General Assembly shall not deliberate and make decision unless two-thirds of its Members are present or formally represented (quorum).

Published Apr. 21, 2021 2:33 PM - Last modified Apr. 21, 2021 2:34 PM