Intra-University Coordination Groups


The Intra-University Coordination Groups are typically staffed with all those either involved in the entities of Circle U., in the implementation of its activities or are line managers of those active in the work packages. It also includes a university coordinator. The exact composition of these groups and how they are led is at the discretion of each university.

Role and responsibilities

Inter-University Coordination Groups have a key role to play as intermediaries between the universities and the unfolding of the alliance. They represent a collective force to ensure that the alliance finds anchor points in the different institutions and also that the necessary information and inputs is provided to Circle U.  The university coordinator ensures compliance of the consortium agreement with his or her university’s rules and is also a privileged contact point for any matters related to the alliance notably the local administration of the different grant agreements.  

Procedures and Meetings

Procedures and meetings are to be decided by each university according to need.

Published Apr. 21, 2021 2:51 PM - Last modified Apr. 21, 2021 2:52 PM