Work Package Coordinator


The Work Package Coordinator is appointed by the university that is the lead of a given work package taking into consideration the expertise that is best suited to lead and support the implementation of the activities foreseen under that work package. 

Role and powers

The Work Package Coordinator ensures the performance and progress of the work package with regard to the overall work plan.  In particular, he/she will:

  • plan and manage the meetings of the Work Package Network 
  • monitor the progress of the WP against time and budget allocations, and ensure that the work package fulfils the objectives listed as milestones and deliverables; 
  • alert the Secretary General in case of delay or default in the performance of the WP;
  • alert the Secretary General to issues that require coordination across the WPs;
  • liase with the project manager/coordinator, Management Board member and intra-university coordination group of their home university;
  • cascade any relevant information to the Task Forces Leads;
  • communicate the work of the WP through their local Circle U. communications officer 
  • deliver regular progress reports (e.g. through a progress dashboard) on the work of the WP;
  • prepare proposals for the update of the work plan (if needed).
  • plan and manage the meetings of the Work Package Network and notably ensure that the network fulfils its role, including through the completion of progress dashboards, financial monitoring and the production of proofs of deliverables;
  • liaise with the Secretary General, the MEL officer and the treasurer on work package progressed implementation and financial needs and spending;
  • keep his or her university coordinator or Management Board member informed of the progressed implementation of the work package activities.
Published Apr. 21, 2021 2:53 PM - Last modified Sep. 23, 2021 3:48 PM