Erasmus+ WP 6: Shaping the Future of Higher Education in a Changing World

The objective of Work Package 6 is to make Circle U. a proactive agent in defining the future of higher education in Europe.

In order to reach this objective, we will develop a Think and Do Tank. 

Establishing a Think and Do Tank to impact the European Education Area 

The Think and Do Tank will enable students and external stakeholders to engage in discussions on around the role of higher education in an evolving global landscape.  In parallel, they will be drivers for of transforming curricula and teaching methods towards sustainable education. We will proactively contribute towards the development of the European Education Area by 2025 and to the years thereafter. The Think and Do Tank will benefit from the expertise of academics, educational experts, appointed in the framework of the Academic Chair Programme. 

Importance of multilingualism 

Among the first themes to be addressed by the Think and Do Tank will be the exploration of challenges related to multilingualism and raising policy awareness on this issue. 

Université Paris Cité coordinates WP6

Due to the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI) at Université Paris Cité being a spearhead of innovative and interdisciplinary programmes and holding a Unesco Chair for Learning Science, Université Paris Cité coordinated this work package.

Work Package Coordinators

  • Ms. Muriel Mambrini-Doudet
    Head of the Doctoral School "Frontiers of Innnovation in Research and Education", Centre de Recherche Innterdisciplinaire (CRI), Université Paris Cité

  • Cécile Badoual
    VP for Pedagogical Innovation, Université Paris Cité

  • Ms. Esther Sulimovic
    Circle U. Coordinator, Université Paris Cité

Work Package Leads

  • Aarhus University
    • Special Consultant Maria Juhler Maibom
      Rector’s Office
    • Susan Wright 
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    • Dr. Barbara Schauenburg
      Head of Department 'Planning and Management'
    • Dr. Philipp Wasserscheidt
      Department of Slavic and Hungarian Studies
  • King’s College London
    • Dr. Ana Medeiros
      Director of Modern Languages Centre

  • University of Belgrade
    • Prof. Nevena Budjevac (academic)
      Teacher Education Faulty
    • Branka Vukelic (admin)
      Department for Education and Research, Rectorate of the University of Belgrade
  • University of Louvain
    • Christine Jacqmot
  • University of Oslo
    • Prof. Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke
      Department of Education
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