WP 2: Creating an Inclusive European University Ecosystem

The objectives of Work Package 2 are to raise the international exposure of students and staff substantially as well as to improve the social and academic integration of students.

The activities in Work Package 2 will develop a joint policy and IT infrastructure framework for cooperation and mobility within the Circle U. Alliance. In order to reach these objectives, we will work on the following building blocks:

Systems and infrastructure

  • A joint policy framework implementing policies alongside kickstarting initiatives, evaluating and adjusting the framework. 
  • A joint system for mutual recognition of student status, courses, credits and results. 
  • IT infrastructures implementing virtual classrooms and a portal to share courses. 
  • Bottom-up initiatives to kick-start mobility. 
  • Activities bridging the way into university, among them student-driven initiatives and a joint mentorship programme.

University of Aarhus coordinates WP2

Due to its extensive experience in successful management of mobility projects, and academic and social integration initiatives, Aarhus University coordinates this work package.

Work Package Coordinator

  • Lotte Skovborg
    Project manager, AU Student Administration and Services, Aarhus University

Work Package Leads

  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    • Dr. Stefan Karsch
      Regional Coordinator Middle and Eastern Europe, Strategic Network CENTRAL
  • King’s College London
    • Ms Eleanor Salt
      Partnerships Manager Europe
  • University of Belgrade
    • Branka Janda Markovic (academic)
      Head of the International Relations Office

    • Prof. Slavko Gajin (academic)
      Director of the Belgrade University Computer Centre (RCUB)

    • Nevena Arandjelovic (admin)
      Information Center, Rectorate of the University of Belgrade

  • University of Louvain
    • Bart Stoffels
      International Office
  • University of Oslo
    • Hanna Ekeli
      Director of Education Services
  • Université de Paris
    • Ms Esther Sulimovic
      Circle U. Coordinator 
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