WP 3: Circle U. Academic Chair Programme

The objective of Work Package 3 is to establish an innovative collaboration model linking education and research and connecting partner universities.

In order to reach this objective, we will develop one of the main building blocks of the Alliance: The Circle U. Academic Chair Programme.

Creating an innovative academic ecosystem

The Academic Chair Programme forms the core of Circle U.’s ambition to create an innovative academic ecosystem.  As Chairs, active researchers will spend 20 percent of their time cooperating across institutions to shape developments in research and teaching.

Strong and sustainable connections across our universities  

The programme will ensure strong and sustainable connections across universities, between research, teaching and learning, and between students and staff. It will also allow students to be engaged in curriculum development and knowledge creation. 

Fostering a sense of belonging to our European University 

By establishing a web of collaborations, we also want to foster a sense of belonging to one European University, where students and professors navigate in diverse and innovative academic, social and cultural learning environments. 

King's College coordinates WP3  

King’s College London has a robust expertise when it comes to transformative approaches to internationalising the curriculum, placing an emphasis on diversity and flexibility.

Work Package Coordinator

Work Package Leads

  • Aarhus University
    • Senior Advisor Knud Warming
      Research Support Office, AU Research Support and External Relations
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    • Prof. Dr. Matthias Ruffert
      Vice-Dean for International Affairs, Law Faculty, Expert for Public and European Law
  • University of Belgrade
    • Prof. Vladica Cvetkovic (academic)
      Faculty of Mining and Geology

    • Vladimir Markovic (admin)
      Department for Education and Research, Rectorate of the University of Belgrade

  • University of Louvain
    • Prof. Michel Verleysen
      ICTEAM institute
  • University of Oslo
  • Université de Paris
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