WP 4: Student Led Sustainable Innovation

The objectives of Work Package 4 are to increase students’ engagement in innovation approaches to sustainability and to co-develop and implement challenge-based courses and programmes across universities and disciplines.

In order to reach these objectives, we will work on three building blocks: 

  • Develop the concept for Circle U. Challenge where cross-disciplinary teams of students provide solutions to authentic problems provided by associated partners such as cities and hospitals. 
  • Setting up a Female Founder Network where network members motivate more female students to engage in entrepreneurship and innovation. 
  • Implement an online training programme on sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation.

University of Belgrade coordinates WP4

Due to its experience as a bridge between academia and businesses and building on the expertise of its Business Technology Incubator, Center for Technology Transfer and Science Technology Park, the University of Belgrade coordinates this work package.

Work Package Coordinator

  • Prof. Melina Kalagasidis Krusic (academic)
    Vice-dean of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy

  • Dr. Nedeljko Milosavljević (admin)
    Director of the Center for Technology Transfer

  • Tamara Čolić Milosavljević (admin)
    Center for Technology Transfer

Work Package Leads

  • Aarhus University
    • Business developer Jeppe Dørup Olesen
      AU Enterprise and Innovation
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    • Volker Hofmann
      CEO of Humboldt-Innovation
  • King’s College London
    • Julie Devonshire
      Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute
  • University of Louvain
    • Prof. Benoît Raucent
      Head of the Louvain Learning Lab
  • University of Oslo
    • Henrik Schultz
      Senior Advisor, Department of Pharmacy
  • Université de Paris
    • Prof. Elizabeth Macintyre
      Department of Medicine

    • Ms. Esther Sulimovic
      Circle U. Coordinator 

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