WP 5: Socially-engaged Education and Research

The objectives of Work Package 5 are to develop thriving structures where researchers and students co-create knowledge and solutions with external stakeholders, and engage in policy development.

In order to reach these objectives, we will work on two building blocks:

Knowledge Hubs and the Open School of Public Governance 

Three interdisciplinary Knowledge Hubs on Climate, Democracy and Global Health. These are thematic areas where we can pool our existing strengths within education, research and innovation, to make substantial impact. 

We will build an interdisciplinary Open School of Public Governance. The School will integrate public governance with Circle U’s interdisciplinary research on the three thematic areas. Students will actively contribute to and shape activities and through this interdisciplinary and multi stakeholder engagement, they will acquire and develop transferable skills. 

Circle U. synergies for a common scientific agenda 

The activities in this WP will also facilitate synergies between education and research. We lay the foundation for, and start creating, a common scientific agenda for Circle U. 

Our associated partners play a significant role in this work package, contributing to co-developing novel challenge-based learning practices with our staff and students, to bring in new perspectives and to provide work-based learning experiences for our students.  

Humboldt University coordinates WP5

Humboldt University Berlin will take advantage of its heavy investment in strengthening the links between research excellence and excellence in student-centered learning. Humboldt also has a strong base in inter- and trans-disciplinary environmental research. It has a growing body of disciplinary-based and interdisciplinary classes pertaining to sustainability that Circle U. will benefit from when setting up its new structures.

Work Package Coordinator

  • Dr. Christin Bohnke
    Regional Coordinator West and Northern Europe
  • Dr. Wolfgang Deicke
    Director of bologna.lab

Work Package Leads

  • Aarhus University
  • King’s College London
  • University of Belgrade
    • Prof. Dejan Filipovic (academic)
      Dean at the Faculty of Geography

    • Milos Bojicic (admin)
      Department for Education and Research, Rectorate of the University of Belgrade

  • University of Louvain
    • Pierre Mersch
      Coordinator of the Louvain4 Initiative
  • University of Oslo
    • Prof. Eivind Engebretsen
      Vice-Dean of Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Medicine
    • Trine Kleven
      Administrative Manager - Center for Health Sciences Education
  • Université de Paris
    • Mr. Jérôme Gaillardet
      Professor of Earth Sciences, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) 

    • Ms Esther Sulimovic
      Circle U. Coordinator 

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