Legal and Ethical Aspects of Using Learning Analytics – From a University Perspective

In this white paper, the Circle U. working group for Learning Analytics shares its experiences with both legal and ethical issues related to working with Learning Analytics in the university administration. The purpose of the white paper is to describe and discuss the dilemmas that can arise when working with Learning Analytics in a university context.

Shaping the Future of Higher Education in a Changing World

The Circle U. Think and Do Tank will seek to influence the future of higher education towards a European Education Area that is sustainable, responsible, peaceful, democratic, collaborative, and prosperous. In its first White Paper, the Think and Do tank shares an initial joint understanding of its mission, its way of working and its main development strategy.


Circle U. Joint Framework for Recognition

The framework collects and presents existing principles and procedures for recognition at the Circle U. partner universities. In addition, it proposes recommendations on how to further streamline some procedures in order to make recognition and transfer of credits even smoother and more seamless; thereby meeting the Alliance Goal of increasing all types of mobility, be it – physical, virtual or blended.