Education and research

Creating a European Campus

Our ambition is that Circle U. will give a framework for increased student centered cooperation. We aim at making it easier and more attractive to go on a student exchange and establish new opportunities for cooperation, and lay the foundation for stronger academic collaboration. In the future, this will result in students:

  • being part of a seamless European campus 
  • sharing student educational offers and services
  • having access to more courses and taking more joint degrees
  • being mobile in more flexible ways
  • working on new platforms for cooperation with partner universities and with external partners 

In the coming years, Circle U. will act as a developer and testing ground for new concepts in higher education and research cooperation, also in line with the continuous reskilling and lifelong learning agenda.
In the future, this will result in staff:

  • co-creating courses, programmes and joint degrees across institutions
  • sharing experiences and learning from each other
  • finding new foundations for research cooperation 
  • spending time at partner institutions through i.e. Circle U. Chair programme
  • will have an arena, through the Circle U. Think and Do Tank, to influence European Higher Education policy

Mobilizing knowledge for impact to contribute to a sustainable society and biosphere

To do this we will set up a joint Circle U. education and research infrastructure. This will provide spaces for students and staff to, on the one hand, co-create knowledge and solutions with external stakeholders and, on the other hand, engage in policy development with external stakeholders.

The infrastructure consists of four platforms to mobilize knowledge for impact: The Circle U. Interdisciplinary Knowledge Hubs, the Circle U. Open School of Public Governance, Circle U. Think and Do Tank on the Future of Higher Education and the Student Led Sustainable Innovation initiatives. The Academic Chair Programme is the enabler for sustainable and strong activities within the platforms.

The Sustainable Development Goals are guiding our thematic areas

Addressing the wide range of complex global challenges highlighted by the Sustainable Development Goals requires a strong commitment from universities. Comprehensive universities with a proven ability to couple education, research, innovation and service to society can contribute with integrated approaches to address these complex challenges. These are features and strengths shared by the Circle U. partners. In consultation with academic staff and students, we have identified three thematic areas where we can pool our existing strengths within education, research, innovation and service to society to make a substantial impact on the sustainability agenda: Climate, Global Health and Democracy. Across all three topics, we will closely collaborate with external stakeholders. We received overwhelming support from our city and/or regional authorities, our linked hospitals, civil society and businesses to join Circle U. as associated partners.

Published Feb. 4, 2021 8:59 AM - Last modified May 3, 2021 8:41 AM