The Circle U. Academic Chair Programme

The Circle U. Academic Chair Programme will ensure strong and sustainable connections across our universities, between research and teaching, between students and staff, and between universities and society.

Academic Chairs will be recruited among the permanent staff and dedicate 20 percent of their working time to Circle U., while remaining employed by their home institution. By creating this web of collaborations, students and professors will be exposed to diverse and innovative academic, social and cultural learning environments.

The Academic Chairs, one from each university, will be working together in networks, and will be the driving forces in the Knowledge Hubs, in the Open School of Public Governance, in the Student Led Sustainable Innovation and in the Think and Do Tank.

The programme is an important backbone of the Circle U. infrastructure, tying several activities together and will be an enabler for cooperation and dissemination across our universities. Being entirely funded by our member universities, the Academic Chair Programme will also safeguard the sustainability of our cooperation beyond the pilot project phase, irrespective of external funding.

By 2025, a total of 126 Academic Chairs will be actively involved in various activities across Circle U. campuses.

Published Nov. 24, 2020 9:27 AM - Last modified Feb. 15, 2021 9:08 AM