Developing teaching and research in Global Health: Which directions should Circle U. go?

First thematic Circle U. seminar on Global Health. The seminar will address the roles of European universities, with a focus on innovative teaching and research lines, in the discourse on global health now and for the future.

Target audience

Global Health academics and experts from the Circle U. community invited by the Circle U. Global Health Chairs.


Global health (GH) is an inherently interdisciplinary, internationalised, and comprehensive field of inquiry including the sciences, technology, medicine, agricultural sciences, the social sciences and economics as well as the humanities. Hence GH is predestined, almost as a model case, to be one of the spearheads for a rich and future-oriented academic exchange to overcome knowledge and the dissemination of knowledge organised in narrow and secluded pillars.

GH represents, obviously, also, a vast political field so that societies at large – both locally and globally – are implicated in the direction’s GH will go in education and research. Yet the role of academia in the future developments of GH still needs to be further delineated. E.g. in which settings should academic specialists in GH also be advisors in the field to politicians – or rather refrain from such activities? Or, put it the other way around, could politics eventually commission academics with defined tasks given the universalist freedom of academic life? Should NGOs/Foundations, have a role in the development of GH at universities and how would they see their potential role and contribution to student education and research? And would it be desirable to include political activism as well as transnationally operating agencies such as charitable foundations with their different ramifications in the “Global South” and the “Global North” into academic settings?

Inquiries into these and many other questions are at the heart of the one-day seminar to be held in Berlin at the occasion of the World Health Summit 2022 to set a few directions for the development of the Circle U. Global Health Knowledge Hub in the future.

Thus, the seminar will primarily address the roles of European universities – with a focus on innovative teaching and research lines – in the discourse on GH now and for the future.

Also, the seminar should identify strategies as to what and how to teach in order to promote GH in the Circle U. universities and across the Circle U. community at large. In the end we are particularly interested to discuss how we can further develop curricula and teaching methods in GH to form “Circle U.-inspired” leaders in careers in governments, industries, non-governmental organisations and so forth.

And finally, the seminar will seek for ways to particularly reach out to our partnering and other universities from the so-called global South to develop the knowledge hub into truly global as well as local matrices with the fundamental intention to decolonise GH.


Published Sep. 12, 2022 12:12 PM - Last modified Sep. 28, 2022 1:53 PM