Summer Blended Intensive Program: Mobility of students with "fewer opportunities"

How may our institutions cooperate to increase the mobility of students with "fewer opportunities"? Which services and policies are available at the different institutions to support students, staff and faculty?

Summer Blended Intensive Program

  • Virtual Component: 17 June and September 2022
  • In-person Component in Berlin: 4–8 July 2022

BIP Virtual Component Meeting, 17 June 2022

This meeting will set the participating universities on the path of understanding how our institutions may cooperate to increase the mobility of students with “fewer opportunities”, by introducing each other to services and policies available at the different institutions to support students, staff and faculty within the “fewer opportunities” category. This will be the starting point for a Knowledge Hub, which will offer the basis to implement quality student mobility for selected target groups within our w/o barr Network. The goal is to kick-start additional, targeted mobility and increase the scope of more flexible as well as virtual opportunities for all groups with fewer opportunities in 2022.

Scholars working on topics of inclusion and diversity will present findings at the meeting, since the linking of scholars between institutions is another goal of the network.

We are looking for additional partners for this European network and are looking forward to in-depth discussions during the Berlin portion of this three part Blended Intensive Program.

Please get in touch with either organizer, if you are interested in participating. Attendance may be funded via the staff mobility support of the EU.


    Cooperating Institutions

    University of Pisa, University of Belgrade, University of Oslo, IT Sligo, University of Warsaw, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Zagreb, ELTE, University of Aarhus, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Charles University.

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