Almost there!

Circle U. Presidents and Rectors met in Oslo 9 December to discuss goals, management structure and sign a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen the alliance.

From left: Sabine Kunst (President Humboldt-Universität), Vincent Blondel (President UC Louvain), Christine Clerici (President Universite de Paris), Svein Stølen (Rector University of Oslo), Ivanka Popovic (Rector University of Belgrade), Berit Eika (Pro-rector Aarhus University) and Tania Lima (Head of Interntional Affairs Kings College London).

"We are in this for the long run!" said the Presidents/Rectors. "It is about developing education for the future, and strengthening Europe through cooperation across national, institutional, lingustic and cultural boundaries." The alliance will apply for the European University status in February.

While meeting in Oslo, the Oslo Peace Days (a cooperation between the University of Oslo, the City of Oslo, the Peace Research Institute and the Nobel institutions) took place. As part of this, Presidents/Rectors attended the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony, honouring Nobel Laureate Abiy Ahmed Ali.

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