Circle U. has passed an important milestone

We are now halfway into the three-year Erasmus+ project period and recently we submitted the midterm report to the EU Commission, where we describe the status so far, the implementation of activities, and to what extent we meet our main objectives.

We have achieved a lot the first 18 months, and Circle U. is well on track in implementing our ambitious plan to become a thriving, inclusive, research-intensive, and interdisciplinary European University ecosystem by 2030.

Together we quickly established a governance structure for the alliance; the Circle U. Academic Chairs in the three Knowledge within the fields of Climate, Democracy and Global Health are cooperating in the development of joint summer schools and joint courses. Through the Think and Do Tank, Academic Chairs are researching and trialling innovative educational models in sustainable education, including approaches to multilingualism.

To facilitate educational cooperation and mobility, we have adopted joint policy framework for quality assurance and recognition, and signed a multilateral exchange agreement. The establishment of the Circle U. Student Union (CUSU) at the students' own initiative, has been important to assure the student participation and influence in the development of the alliance.

Executive summary available in September

– Writing the report has been a collective effort. With the contribution of the work package coordinators and leads, we have provided an accurate picture of the alliance, explaining our successes, our achievements but also the challenges we are facing, says Mette Oftebro, project coordinator at University of Oslo and leader of the task force dedicated to the report.

Kevin Guillaume, Secretary General of Circle U. continues:

– This exercise is of utmost importance for the alliance and its future development. With the report, we have identified the fields in which we should and we will do more. This report should thus be considered as a tool for all our colleagues involved in the alliance. That’s why, by September, we will communicate an executive summary of the report and it will continue to feed our current work on "Circle U. 2030".

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Published June 29, 2022 12:33 PM - Last modified Aug. 25, 2022 1:16 PM