Circle U. is ready to empower female founders

The Female Founder Network takes its first steps in inspiring and connecting female founders across universities.

Photo: Adriana Hansen

Connecting entrepreneurs

Aarhus University hosted the first event in Female Founder Network, to tap into the huge potential that female founders represent. The network aims to inspire and connect more women in their entrepreneurial journey, to ultimately see more women represented on the startup scene.

Tips and hacks, funding strategies and lingo

The 20 participants gathered at the incubator The Kitchen to work on their business case.  They presented ideas like a new medtech device to detect cancer, a non-binary fashion brand, and a platform to connect solo-travelers looking for a traveling buddy. All of them encouraged each other and asked questions. This was a safe supporting space!
During the weekend they were introduced to some of the data on the barriers and bias that women in entrepreneurship face, but also to tips and hacks on how to deal with it. They worked on funding strategies and where to look for finance. They were also introduced to some of the standard startup tools and lingo when drafting their business plan. When the weekend was over all of them had an action plan and a network of other ambitious entrepreneurs in the making. 

From Female Founder Day to Academic network

This is just the first of many initiatives the Female Founder Network is setting up in the Circle U. Alliance. Besides events both online and locally the Female Founder Network is planning a European Female Founder Day with top speakers, workshops and introductions to some of the newest research. Here female founders and students can find a call to action and get going with their business or just get a better understanding of the startup ecosystem from a female point of view. 
Women in entrepreneurship is a hot topic not just among investors and startups, but also in the academic world. To discuss and contribute to the state of the art research in this field, the Female Founder Network will host an academic network led by academic chairs. Professors Amélie Jacquemin from University of Louvain and Taran Thune from the University of Oslo are setting up the first workshops in Oslo in September to discuss the academic field and to look into opportunities for further research within the Female Founder Network initiatives.

Upcoming events

Organisers of the Female Founder Network from are currently testing and planning initiatives that can connect female entrepreneurs across the alliance so that even more women can pursue their startup dreams. 
The next event will be hosted by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: the online international Female Founder Breakfast Club. It will take place on 12 May.

The University of Oslo is up next, on 8 June. The topic of this event is "We do not believe in gender roles, we believe in the new founder". Stay posted for more details and more events to come!

By Solveig Kolstad, Aarhus University
Published Apr. 25, 2022 4:22 PM - Last modified May 23, 2022 9:37 AM