Knowledge Hub on Climate seeks to strengthen its relations

The first meeting of the Academic Chairs and Leads in Berlin was a great occasion for networking, sharing ideas and discussing the way forward for Circle U.’s Knowledge Hub on Climate.

From left to right: Marcel Robischon (HU), Andreas Max Kääb (UiO), Jelena Lukovic (UB), Aleksandar Djordjevic (UB), Isabelle Mensching (HU), Michael Kölling (KCL), Wolfgang Deicke (HU), Oumy Dramé (UPC), Alexandre Gélabert (UPC), Marnik Vanclooster (UCL) and Pierre Mersch (UCL).

At the invitation of Humboldt-Universität, numerous Climate Chairs and coordinators met for the first time in Berlin at the beginning of June to collect and discuss ideas for the future development of Circle U’s Knowledge Hub on Climate and to explore possible joint activities. 

After working together virtually for over a year, the group was eager to use this opportunity to brainstorm and talk about project plans while being in the same room. 

During the meeting Chairs and Coordinators shared ideas and experiences and discussed how the hub should create opportunities for students, academics as well as external stakeholder and the public. The agenda included topics such as the development of a climate seminar to discuss the current research needs in climate science to set the agenda for the hub and Circle U., the organization of a climate event for the public during Berlin Science Week this November, the implementation of a training programme for practioners in 2023 as well as summer schools and courses for Circle U’s students in the upcoming years. 

The group used the two-day workshop to write three concept notes, brainstormed project ideas and exchanged best practices. Undoubtedly, the meeting was also a great opportunity to get to know each other better, share a laugh and to form deeper connections which will enhance collaboration in the future.

For now, the hub will continue working together virtually, but with plans to have another face-to-face-meeting with all Academic Climate Chairs soon.

Published June 27, 2022 2:11 PM - Last modified June 27, 2022 2:11 PM