Developing Teaching and Research in Global Health: Which way should Circle U. go?

On the occasion of the World Health Summit held in Berlin on October 15th, Humboldt-Universität hosted the first Circle U. Global Health thematic seminar gathering forty academics, PhD students and experts.

Photo: Dr. Klaus Wiehl

Collectively shaping the Global Health Hub

The seminar focused on proposing, building and adopting a common statement related to Global Health education in european universities; its current state and recommendations for future action. The assembly discussed ways to enhance partnering with other universities from the Global South as well as how to develop the knowledge hub into becoming truly global.

Four key goals

The Common Statement is composed of four main goals including; advancing knowledge and competencies across all relevant disciplines and at all stages of university education, decolonising global health, developing new structural horizons and combining teaching and research in global health.

Spreading the message

The ambition is to disseminate the Common Statement across the entire Circle U. community and beyond. The aim is to put forward recommendations for future actions based on the analysis made by the hub on the current state of Global Health education. It underlines that more systematic action should be taken to include the most relevant global health topics in university education.

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Published Oct. 20, 2022 12:11 PM - Last modified Oct. 26, 2022 12:32 PM