Environmental Engagements: talks – a series of free expert talks

The University of Vienna invite colleagues from Circle U. to join their series of talks on environmental engagement. They are free, online and in English.

How can we contribute to transformative change towards sustainable futures for the entire planet? How can we face the challenges on this path together? The Environmental Engagements: talks hosted by the University of Vienna’s Environmental Research Network address these questions from a multitude of perspectives.

These talks by environmental researchers from diverse backgrounds are held in English, open to all and can be accessed for free via Zoom without prior registration.

This semester, the talks focus on Transitions towards Sustainability: Possibilities and Pitfalls. Transitions towards more sustainable pathways are urgently needed in all areas of life, spanning different geographic scales and corresponding governance levels. What might be a solution for some cannot be used as a blueprint everywhere. How can we make the necessary interventions in a context-sensitive, just and safe way for the entire planet? What can we learn from technological solutions that have been deployed in the past, but have now given rise to new challenges? The upcoming talks address these issues from different perspectives:

Find out more at the Environmental Engagements: talks (umwelt.univie.ac.at)

Contact: umwelt@univie.ac.at

Published Apr. 20, 2022 2:01 PM - Last modified Apr. 20, 2022 3:20 PM