Student entrepreneurs, prime yourselves – Circle U. Challenge is about to come!

Learn more about the programme that strengthens students' entrepreneurial spirit, motivates them to think innovatively, and devise sustainable solutions to real problems.


What is Circle U. Challenge?

The Circle U. Challenge is a programme for interdisciplinary student teams providing solutions to case studies and real-life problems not yet solved in a sustainable way by combining academic knowledge, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial learning. This activity consists of a number of Challenges (case studies) being provided by Challengers (these are university hospitals and cities/regions identified as key partners in the development of the Circle U. Challenge). Interdisciplinary and cross-university student teams will contribute to the development of concrete sustainable solutions for these Challenges, while at the same time developing their entrepreneurial skills.

How does it work?

Once the application process is completed, Circle U. universities organise a matchmaking programme for their students with the aim of creating interdisciplinary teams. Both individual students and teams can apply for the programme, while the universities’ task is to match the applicants and form teams that will then enter the Bootcamp phase of the programme. After a series of interactive and educational Bootcamp sessions lasting for three weeks, the teams will pitch their initial solution proposal in front of a jury, who selects the teams going through the next phase -  the Mentored solution development. In this last phase of the programme, the teams, under the guidance of experienced mentors - work intensively on the development of their solutions and pitch them at the Challenge final event.

Why Circle U. Challenge?

The Circle U. Challenge enables students from different universities to connect and collaborate among themselves and develop innovative solutions with the help and guidance of experienced, professional mentors. Each student team has a lead mentor (monitoring the team’s work from the beginning to the end of the programme), and can also benefit from the opportunity to consult with the international pool of mentors who are experts in various fields related to business development.

The solutions that are developed within the Challenge are intended to enable Challengers to respond to their everyday issues. This exercise aims to show students how the real world works and what it takes to develop a viable business opportunity.

The programme fosters the development of transferable skills – communication, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, and multilingualism - and supports students in acquiring interdisciplinary and intercultural understanding. The teams can be made of students from different universities, which will further motivate young people to cooperate, and put the focus on collaboration at the European level.

When is the Circle U. Challenge going to be launched?

Mark your calendars – the programme launch is scheduled for the beginning of the new academic year!

Please, bear with us until September and follow us on our media channels to stay informed about this and other opportunities within Circle U. There are great initiatives in the pipeline enabling students to cooperate with colleagues from other partner universities, think in a different, innovative way and take the first significant steps on their entrepreneurial path.

The Circle U. Challenge welcomes motivated young people who are ready for work, cooperation and entrepreneurial development.

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Published May 25, 2022 8:41 AM - Last modified Aug. 25, 2022 1:18 PM