Opportunities for academics

We are in the process of developing exciting new opportunities for academics. Below is an overview of what we are currently working on.

Seeking doctoral students or post docs to lead digital seminars

Humboldt-Universität is looking for doctoral students or post docs interested in leading an innovative teaching-learning format that focuses didactically on student-centered participation and science mediation.

Apply before 6 January to become leader of a Circle U. Team

Coming up in 2022

Orcid database – connecting research and researchers

The database will be online soon

International mobility scheme for early-career researchers

Call for applications: January 2022

Fund networking for your interdisciplinary research project

First call: April 2022

Join an Early-Career Researchers Forum

Workshops will take place once a year starting from 2022

Participate in online doctoral training sessions

Sessions take place from May 2022

Participate in Circle U. "sandboxes" where universities and stakeholders collaborate

The first sandbox seminar will be in September 2022