Become a Team leader and hone your teaching skills

The bologna.lab at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin invites early career researchers from the partner universities of Circle U. to submit their applications to lead an innovative, interdisciplinary seminar: the so-called Circle U. Team.

After this year’s success of the first Circle U. Teams, Circle U.'s Humboldt-Universität is once again encouraging early career researchers to lead an innovative teaching-learning format that focuses didactically on student-centered participation and science mediation.

Humboldt is looking forward to applications from all disciplines and all Circle U. partner universities. PhD students and postdocs, whether they are scholarship holders and/or employees of non-university research institutions are welcome to apply to lead a Circle U. Team during Humboldt’s winter term 2022/23 until 24 August 2022.

What are Circle U. Teams?

Circle U.-Teams are digital seminars in an innovative teaching-learning format, initiated by postdocs or doctoral students. By leading a Circle U.-Team, CU-Team leaders gain teaching and mentoring experience and at the same time gain insight into international research and teaching cultures. In these project teams of students and junior researchers, Circle U.-Team leaders are coordinators and scientific contact persons for the students, but also participants in the process themselves.

The basic idea is that the Circle U. Teams should

  1. be interdisciplinary or open to participation from several disciplines in terms of their content,
  2. have a thematic link to at least one of our Knowledge Hubs i.e. Climate, Democracy or Global Health,
  3. be delivered online-only and in English, so that students from all Circle U. institutions can benefit and
  4. enable students to play an active role in the seminar.

The Circle U.-Team leaders will be given a teaching contract for one semester at HU and will participate in a didactic training course on the basics of higher education didactics from concept to implementation. This training course can be completed with a certificate.

The Circle U.-Team should be open to Bachelor's and Master's students from different partner universities and different subjects, so that interdisciplinary and international perspectives on the subject matter are possible. The Circle U.-Team itself consists of at least 5 students of the Circle U. universities, who actively work on the study project and gain their first experience in an international and interdisciplinary team.

More information on Circle U. Teams and the Open Call is available at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Published Dec. 3, 2021 11:11 AM - Last modified June 27, 2022 2:29 PM