Opportunities for students

The hackathon series:
Learning innovation by doing

Meet other European students, join a multicultural and multi-background team, and tackle a concrete innovation challenge linked to SDGs and Global Health!

Sustainable Change-Makers Programme

A webinar series tailor-made for students who want to change the world through projects that meet the needs of today without compromising those of future generations. The programme starts early October and ends mid-December.

Course catalogue

Our catalogue includes courses in climate, democracy, health and European language and culture.

Circle U. Student Union

The Student Union represent the student's opinions and provides strategic direction for the Circle U. alliance.

Where will you go next semester?

If you are a student you have the possibility to go to a Circle U. university for student mobility.

The Erasmus+ grant might cover some of your expenses. Please contact your home university for funding opportunities.

You may apply for funding for shorter stays or for full semesters abroad. For students, these are examples of stays that might be eligible for support: 

  • Participation in summer courses
  • Blended intensive programs
  • Study semester abroad
  • Partner days
  • International weeks
  • Seminars and workshops at higher education institutions
  • Traineeships

A general tip is to contact your home university early to find out if your stay is eligible for support and to plan your visit. If you are going to a partner university, contact your home university first to get relevant information.  

Coming up in 2022

Circle U. Challenge

Help corporations and organisations solve authentic problem cases by joining cross-disciplinary teams. Challenges will be available later in 2022.

Online programme on sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship

The target group for this programme will be students already in university start-up hubs or students with an entrepreneurial idea they want to pursue.

Female Founder Network

The network will motivate more female students to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting them in pursuing their dreams as entrepreneurs.

Archive of previous opportunities