Software Solution for the University Clinical Centre of Serbia

As a reference institution for medical education, with more than seven thousand employees, the University Clinical Center of Serbia (UCCS) pays special attention to academic education and the professional development of employees. Several academics, a large number of doctors of medical sciences, masters, subspecialists, and specialists from all branches of medicine work in this institution.

As a logical consequence of the permeation of information technologies and management, there is a need to develop a software solution for data management professional development, which the University Clinical Center of Serbia has not had so far.

The Challenge: Software Solution for the University Clinical Centre of Serbia

University Clinical Centre of Serbia is the capital health service in Serbia that cares for more than a million patients annually. It is a research and teaching centre for doctors and students of all levels of studies of the Medical Faculty at the University of Belgrade. 

UCCS pays special attention to the professional education and development of its 8000 employees.  

Monitoring this process is challenging for the UCCS, especially during the COVID19-pandemic. 

Which employees need further professional training and professional development? How many employees are at different levels of development? Are classes at different levels of study conducted efficiently and without problems? Is cooperation with domestic and international institutions and organizations at a satisfactory level and does everyone have access to transparent information and opportunities for learning and training?  

These are just some of the issues that bother the employees of this institution on a daily basis and hinder them from performing the most efficient work. You can help them solve this problem! 

You have an opportunity to develop software to manage data on professional development fast and precisely, helping the UCCS solve the problem sustainably and become a better employer.

Find out more about the challenge and apply before 15 October!

The Challenger: The University Clinical Centre of Serbia (UCCS)

The University Clinical Centre of Serbia (UCCS) is located in Belgrade, the capital city of the Republic of Serbia. It is a unique health institution created by joining clinics and institutes of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade in 1983. The UCCS consists of 41 organizational units: 23 clinics, nine centres, a polyclinic, and nine services.  

UCCS is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to care for life-threatening and emergency patients. UCCS is also a medical research centre and teaching base of the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade for undergraduate and postgraduate academic education and professional education for doctors on internship and specialization, as well as an educational base for students of the Faculty of Health. In the long tradition of this institution, much has been done to improve health and apply new technologies and medical procedures in diagnosis and treatment.