Associated partners

Cities and regions​

  • City of Aarhus (Denmark)​
  • City of Oslo (Norway)​
  • City of Paris (France)​
  • London Council for Westminster (UK)​
  • London Council for Lambeth (UK)​
  • Walloon Brabant Provincial authority (Belgium)​
  • Ile-de-France Region (France)​

Innovation organisations​

  • ImpactHUB Berlin (Germany)​
  • Humboldt Innovation (Germany)​
  • Oslo Tech (Norway)​
  • Science Technology Park Belgrade (Serbia)​
  • Louvain Innovation Network (Belgium)​
  • Inven2 - University of Oslo Technology Transfer Office (Norway)​

Hospitals and health organisations​

  • Aarhus University Hospital (Denmark)​
  • Oslo University Hospital (Norway)​
  • Clinical Centre of Serbia  (Serbia)​
  • Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc (Belgium)​
  • CHU UCL Namur (Belgian health organisation)​
  • AP-HP.NORD & AP-HP CENTRE – Université de Paris (France)​
  • Medicen Paris Region (France)​

Government authorities​

  • The Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education and Research (Norway)​
  • Serbian Ministry responsible for Education and Science Policy (Serbia)​

Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Constructive Institute (Danish NGO)​
  • Citizens United NGO  (UK)​

Others partners

  • Nobel Institute (Norway)​
  • The Coimbra Group (European University Network)​
  • The Guild (European University Network) ​
  • Studenterhus Aarhus (Denmark)​
  • Generation N (German student organisation)​
  • Partnerforum (Norway)​
  • GameLab (German business organisation)​
  • SKIFT - Business Climate Leaders (Norway)​
  • Museum for Natural History  Berlin (Germany)​