Circle U. Think & Do Tank Café

In collaboration with Humboldt University, the Circle U. Think & Do Tank Café invites you to attend a hybrid workshop on "Micro-Collaborations".

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The Circle U. Think & Do Tank Café gathers the initiatives on pedagogical innovation from the different Circle U. universities regularly. They form a network of innovators in pedagogy, to empower them, develop ways to evaluate the competencies acquired and work towards the recognition of the new training path being proposed.

Target audience

Open to the Circle U. community including teachers, students and staff.


How do we achieve a massive, seamless, and democratic internationalisation of teaching?
Colleagues from Belgrade, UC Louvain and Berlin present the ideas of the E+ Strategic Partnership DIONE (

Internationalisation in teaching

For our universities and the European Higher Education Area in general to really grow together, we need new formats. Formats that are not only open to specific groups and nevertheless allow students and teachers to work together actively. The concept of DIONE is to focus on micro-collaborations in teaching.


The concept of micro-collaborations focuses on short-term and flexible collaborations in teaching that puts student collaboration in the centre of attention. Members of the Strategic Partnership, in which Belgrade, UC Louvain, Oslo, and HU Berlin are represented as Circle U. partners, will present the underlying idea, the advantages and challenges using concrete examples.

Live panel debate

The aim of micro-collaborations is to enable massive and democratic internationalisation at the university. We will discuss these points in a live debate together with representatives of Circle U. and students. Participants can join the discussion or ask questions on site at HU or online.

15:00 Coffee
15:15 Introduction

Presentation of the concept of micro-collaboration

How micro-collaborations work, Philipp Wasserscheidt, HU Berlin
Example collaborations, Jelena Filipovic, U Belgrade
Benefits of downgrading teaching collaboration, Kristel van Goethem, UCLouvain

16:00 Panel discussion on massive and democratic internationalisation


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