Innov4EdTS meets in Oslo for a Recommendations Seminar

If you are interested in innovative pedagogies, shaping the future development of teaching and learning in our universities, we are inviting you to join this afternoon online session on 29 March.

InnovEd4TS - Innovative Education for Transferable Skills

Launched in 2019, InnovEd4TS is a European project funded by the key action "Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership". Over the last two years, the project has been looking at the relationship between innovative initiatives in Higher Education and the development of transferable skills in six leading European universities. The purpose of the seminar is too make recommendations on the previously visited initiatives addressing the possibilities for creating inter-university student-centered initiatives that foster these skills.

On March 29th 2022, InnovEd4TS is hosting a seminar at the University of Oslo, and you are invited to participate in the digital workshops!

As a stepping stone in the founding of the Circle U. alliance, the project involves five member universities of the alliance, Humboldt, UCLouvain, Oslo, Aarhus and Paris in partnership with the University of Lisbon. The project focuses how the development of transferable skills and innovative pedagogies can be brought together.

Transferable skills essential for students

Transferable skills are considered strategic for the students, essential to their education and their professional future. However, they are not always well taken into consideration in the curricula. Transferable skills are at the forefront of future professional activities.

Over the last two years, nine online field missions have been held where peer experts from each university had the opportunity to attend innovative pedagogical initiatives at the partner universities. They learned and explored how these initiatives foster the development of transferable skills.

Exploring opportunities, creating synergies

The aim of the seminar is to make recommendations and explore the opportunities for creating inter-university student-centered initiatives based on the findings from the field missions. The participants will present their conclusions on how to expand the initiatives and create synergies across our universities.

In this meeting, the participants from the morning sessions will share their conclusions. The attendees will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions. 


If you would like to participate, please contact Guri Vestad ( or Lea Sofie Staunsager (

We will share the link and all further information to the registered participants before the meeting.

Published Feb. 17, 2022 2:07 PM - Last modified Feb. 21, 2022 9:43 AM