Innovative Initiatives and Transferable Skills in Higher Education

The InnovEd4TS – Innovative Education for Transferable Skills strategic partnership will hold a final conference hosted by Université Paris Cité focusing on the key achievements, recommendations, repository as well as the future of the partnership through the Circle U. university alliance. 

Transferable skills

With the implementation of the Bologna reforms in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the concept of ‘transferable skills’ came to the forefront of debates over the nature and purpose of higher education. Traditionally, university curricula were focused on the transmission and acquisition of subject specific content and the training in subject-specific (research) skills. With the expansion of higher education in Europe and over 40 per cent of each cohort entering higher education, this narrow focus on subject-specific knowledge skills had to be reconsidered.

InnovEd4TS – Innovative Education for Transferable Skills

InnovEd4TS, launched in 2019 as a stepping stone in the founding of the Circle U. alliance and involves five universities members of Circle U. (Université Paris Cité, Aarhus University, University of Oslo, Humboldt Universität, UCLouvain) in partnership with the University of Lisbon. The focus has been on the analysis and the development of initiatives that promote the acquistion of transferable skills that students need when facing future challenges.

For two days, we will discuss transferable skills, their purpose, the recommended strategies needed to build an ecosystem that fosters the development of these skills and how the initiatives can be implemented in the future by Circle U.

Final report from InnovEd4TS

Recommendations for Supporting and Developing Transferable Skills in Higher Education (pdf)


Final Conference of the strategic parthership InnovEd4TS: Transferanble Skills in Higher Education (pdf)

December 1
15:00–15:15 Welcome words

Introduction: InnovEd4TS Strategic Partnership – 3 years of collaboration

  • History of the project
  • Why Transferable Skills are relevant?
  • Presentation of the Booklet
  • Presentation of the Repository
  • Our 9 flagship initiatives
  • Recommendations for Supporting and Developing Transferable Skills in Higher Education
16:30–17:00 Break

Panel discussions around Transferable Skills in Higher Education

  • Feedback from students: What is their opinion on transferable skills?
  • The academic perspective: What are the professors’ views?
  • The professional world: How to tie transferable skills with the student’s future career path?
19:00–20:00 Cocktail
December 2

What strategies are needed to build an ecosystem fostering pedagogical transformation within Higher Education?

  • Curriculum models, including integrated curriculum and progression
  • Teachers’ training
10:30–10:45 Break

The future of our partnership: How Circle U. can take over the work of InnovEd4TS?

  • Presentation of the Circle U. Think and Do Tank for the Future of Higher Education
  • The way forward: How to internationalise and scale up InnovEd4TS initiatives in Circle U.
12:00–13:30 Lunch


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