Founded in 1425, UCLouvain is one of Europe's oldest universities with 31 000 students, 1 in 5 being international. It is among the top 5 comprehensive French-speaking universities in the world.

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UCLouvain prioritises universal access to high-quality education and makes innovation the governing principle of its teaching and research activities.

The university has a strong open education policy with 26 MOOCs attracting 400 000 registered learners, the participation in the online platform edX as a charter member and the participation in European virtual exchanges based on MOOCs. 

UCLouvain conducts high-quality fundamental and applied research, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity. The university awards 300 PhDs each year and 34 of its researchers have been awarded ERC grants.

UCLouvain is at the centre of a network of hospitals, including the largest university hospital in French-speaking Belgium, which provides a high-quality clinical learning environment. It is also actively engaged in knowledge and technology transfer with more than 60 active spin-offs, 2 science parks, 4 incubators, as well as various innovative teaching initiatives to foster entrepreneurship in students. 

Ever since its founding, UCLouvain has reached out to the world. The openness to the world is translated in various international partnerships, participation in European and global networks, and a long tradition of international collaboration in support of developing countries. It makes the university an intercultural intellectual hub whose diversity stimulates, for students and staff, encounters between people of different backgrounds and new perspectives on the world.

Université catholique de Louvain

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