Designing the Think and Do Tank on the Future of Higher Education

The contribution of students will be key to the implementation and launch of the Think and Do Tank later in the fall of 2021. A seminar on June 25th is an important step on the way.

Student seminar held at Université de Paris.

The seminar is a co-design session for shaping the think tank. The CUSU student representatives are invited, and each student representative can invite three students from their home university.

The seminar will consist of three consecutive workshops, 1) the ideal impacts of the Think and Do tank, 2) tips for ensuring student engagement (and the benefits of such engagement) and 3) the first actions to be taken in the Think and Do tank. The results of the seminar will be shared with all the participants, passed on to the Chairs and disseminated within the alliance.

Four I's

Through the seminar, students will have the opportunity to participate in designing the Circle U. Think and Do Tank, become more familiar with the activities of Think Tanks in general and experiment processes of collective intelligence. Thanks to student’s involvement, Circle U. will build a well-functioning and open Think and Do tank.

The Think and Do Tank aims at fostering a quality learning environment and offer a platform to imagine and experiment new ways of teaching and learning. It will seek to influence the political agendas on the national scenes and at the European level.

The four I's – Internationalisation, Inclusiveness, Interdisciplinary, Student’s Involvement – are the main topics that will influence and drive the actions implemented by the think tank. The Circle U. Academic Chairs will play a crucial role in leading it. 

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Published June 22, 2021 12:27 PM - Last modified June 24, 2021 11:18 AM