Watch the first Circle U. Democracy hub seminar!

On 2 September, the Knowledge hub on Democracy kicked off its seminar series “Evidence and Democracy in Times of Crises.” Three speakers from Circle U. institutions spoke on the role of evidence during a crisis. Thank you to the more than 350 people who stopped by digitally to watch the webinar! See the recording here.

Mistrust of science

This first seminar in this series on “Evidence and Democracy in Times of Crises” was titled “What evidence?” Three speakers; Jonathan Grant, Antoinette Fage-Butler and Trish Greenhalgh spoke about the mistrust of science, public narratives, the importance of (un)truth and values, and  the role of uncertainty and doubt. 

What are the solutions?

How do we understand values, but avoid ending up with relativism and post-truth? The speakers emphasized dialogue, social movements, awareness of different forms of evidence, and interdisciplinarity.

Circle U. seminar series continues

The topic for the second seminar will be "Whose evidence?“ What is the role of evidence – and what should be its role – when urgent decisions must be taken? The series aims to introduce innovative ways of addressing real-life solutions to pressing global challenges.


Image contains pictures of speakers.

Jonathan Grant, King’s College London

Title of talk: Learning to listen: social movements, the red bus and the role of evidence

Grant is Professor of Public Policy and Director of Different Angles, a consultancy that focuses on the social impact of universities and research. Jonathan’s main research interests are in biomedical and health R&D policy, research impact assessment and the use of research and evidence in policy and decision-making.

Antoinette Mary Fage-Butler, Aarhus University

Title of talk: The value of values where science meets the public

Fage-Butler is Associate Professor in School of Communication and Culture. Antoinette´s main research is knowledge communication, especially in conditions of risks and trust/mistrust, health communication, cultural analyses of values and public participation.

Trish Greenhalgh, University of Oslo / University of Oxford

Title of talk: Evidence, certainty and doubt in a fast-unfolding pandemic: insights from pragmatist philosophy

Greenhalgh is Professor of primary care health sciences. Trish leads a programme of research at the interface between social sciences and medicine, with strong emphasis on the organisation and delivery of health services. Trish is also Professor at Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education at University of Oslo.


Tobias Bach is professor in Political Science at University of Oslo and academic chair of democracy at Circle U. He also leads the Open School of Public Governance within Circle U.

Eivind Engebretsen is professor in interdisciplinary health science at University of Oslo and academic chair of global health at Circle U. He is also executive chair of Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) at the Faculty of Medicine, and leads the UiO team on “Socially engaged Education and Research” in Circle U.

More information about the seminar series on democracy

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