Virtual Staff Week on inclusion and mobility

The Virtual Staff Week offers the opportunity to meet your Circle U. colleagues and share ideas on how to increase mobility for all students.   

Who are the students in need of inclusion? What are their needs? How do we reach out to them and how do we communicate with them and offer them support?

The Circle U. institutions are committed to working towards inclusion of all students, whether they are defined as having fewer opportunities or whether they are students from underrepresented groups in mobility.

This staff week on inclusion and diversity aims at supporting Circle U.’s effort to build up networks of expertise across units, intensify awareness about support and make more students choose international mobility. Goal is also for the participants to be inspired and to learn from each other.

  • Target groups: mobility coordinators, special needs coordinators, communication staff and student advisors across all institutions within the Circle U. alliance.
  • Host: University of Oslo
  • Co-hosts: Aarhus University and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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Monday May 23
12:00–12:15 Welcome
Vice rector at the University of Oslo, Bjørn Stensaker
12:15–12:45 Circle U. Quiz


Short break

EU Commission and National Agencies’ strategies for inclusion support - comparisons of national perspectives on inclusion

Panel and Q&A

Ieva Serapinaite, Senior Adviser – The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills, Norwegian NA

Representative from the Danish National Agency

Representative from the Serbian National Agency
14:30–14:40 Short break

Funding opportunities for inclusion: Best practice

Break-out rooms
Tuesday May 24
09:00–09:05 Welcome

Inclusion in a wider perspective

Jonas Kunst, researcher, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Ksenia Nikolajcuk, Student Adviser, Global mobility team, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Inclusion from the student perspective

Representatives from the Circle U. Student Union, CUSU

Oline Sæther, UiO

Other members from CUSU
10:10–10:25 Q&A
10:25–10:45 Short break

Integrating first year students - a Circle U. perspective

Circle U. Task Force, “Bridging the Way”
Wednesday May 25
12:00–12:05 Welcome

Structural barriers to student mobility: push-back factors in underrepresented study fields

Anna Christina Bohle, Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Guri Vestad, Special Adviser, Educational Quality Office, University of Oslo


Inclusive targeting – what are we talking about – is it easy?


13:10–13:20 Short break

Inclusion workshops: Communication and Mobility Formats

  • Best practices for outreach and communication
  • Mobility formats as a tool for inclusion

What’s next?

Wrap up and short introduction from the Without Barriers Network

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