Circle U. Student Union (CUSU) to join the European Student Assembly

On 3-4 March 2022, Circle U. students will be among 275 student representatives to meet in Strasbourg and discuss the future of Europe. This is a unique opportunity for our students to shape the public debate.

Photo: Emmanuel Burdin on Unsplash

The European Communities University (EUC) is a project led by European students to contribute to the ongoing discussions on the future of Europe. Initiated first by the French Universities in the context of the French Presidency of the EU, the EUC is now targeting any European student or institution, including the European university alliances, that want to increase the participation of youth in the European democratic process.

A manifesto on the future of European universities

One of the first results of the EUC has been the drafting of the Manifesto on the future of universities in Europe (pdf). The Manifesto was made by students (from BA to PhD) from different European universities, as a public statement setting up an agenda for action. More sustainable universities, multilingual and multicultural campus, more cooperation, European degrees and new forms of mobility are the building blocks for the university of tomorrow.

Sign the manifesto!

Last 25 January, the Manifesto was presented to the French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Mrs Frédérique Vidal, and the Commissioner for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Mrs Mariya Gabriel, during the Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe. This was a strong reminder that students must take part in shaping the future of universities. Students, academics and other staff members are invited to show their support and sign the Manifesto (

First European Student Assembly

Another major action will be the organization of the inaugural session of the European Student Assembly. Student representatives from 140 universities and 38 alliances will meet in Strasbourg and exchange views, opinions, and ideas on highly relevant topics: sustainable development and degrowth, evolution of our democracies, agriculture and the European Common Agricultural Policy, European approach and cooperation in health, digitalization, etc.

CUSU is represented

Eight students from our universities have been selected, among them five CUSU Ambassadors. They will share the expertise and experience with student democracy and engagement. They will also explain how CUSU was established and is contributing to the development of our alliance.

For further information, visit ECU website or contact CUSU (

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Published Feb. 21, 2022 1:35 PM - Last modified Feb. 21, 2022 3:01 PM